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SAP Concur

Concur project was requested by the Sales team to replace the inefficient, slow and error prone Excel process. Outside Sales were required to mail in their expense receipts, Sales Coordinators were tasked to perform data entry in Excel. This resulted in slow payout and incorrect cost allocations.

With the support of a Business Analyst, we gathered user business requirements including Finance. Concur solution was implemented and rigorously tested with a Pilot roll out to Outside Sales team prior to the wider company release.

Results: Reduction in time and costs of mailing physical receipts and manual data entry. Reduction in human error and payout time. Higher visibility and accountability. Automated onboarding and SSO.

Role: As a Senior Manager of Project Delivery at Rocky Mountaineer, I initiated, planned and delivered the project including initial pilot release to a smaller Sales team, followed by a full corporate release. Responsible for TTT (Train the Trainer) sessions and operationalizing onboarding and support of the application.

Team: Business Analyst, IT Operations, Applications Support, Business SMEs (Finance, Sales, HR), senior executive sponsors, and vendor’s implementation team.

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